Verification and Authentication

Froyoo stands firmly dedicated to ensuring the integrity of your advertising campaigns. Our multifaceted traffic verification and authentication solution places authenticity and quality at its core. As part of our advertisement services and data analytics, we not only sift through the digital landscape but also identify and isolate malicious and fraudulent activities with precision.

4.2 M

Potentially fraudulent

24 %

Cost per

Data Input

ETL / Unification,
Traffic Verification

Building Blocks

Clustering, ML



Client Export

Minimize False Positives

Unverified Traffic
Verified Traffic

This comprehensive approach safeguards your advertising budget and upholds the potency of your campaigns, simultaneously mitigating the risks associated with fraudulent traffic and ensuring that every dollar invested yields tangible results.

Froyoo doesn’t tread this path alone. Our collaboration with strategic partners enhances our capabilities. Together with our partners, we introduced a layer of verification that recognizes potentially fraudulent IP addresses, VPN usage or other privacy services, and automatically integrates privacy-enhancing features.

Unified Verification

Ensuring Authentic
Ad Engagement

Our verification mechanism efficiently flags any signs of fraudulent or orchestrated traffic farms, allowing us to identify and neutralize any potential threats to your campaign’s reach. The collective effort underscores our commitment to providing a transparent, trustworthy, and effective advertising ecosystem. With Froyoo, you are not just advertising, you are establishing connections built on credibility and genuine engagement, ensuring your message resonates confidently with authentic audiences.

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