Audience Creation

At Froyoo, we understand that targeting the right audience is paramount to the success of your advertising campaigns. Our audience creation solution empowers you to define and reach your ideal customer with precision. By leveraging a comprehensive range of criteria such as region, demographic, user type, language, and geo behaviour, we tailor-make audiences that align with your specific campaign objectives.

Endless tailored audiences across multiple regions and demographics


Deterministic Lookalikes

Our dedicated team of data experts works closely with you to understand your target market and campaign goals. With this information, we curate highly relevant and responsive audiences that are primed for engagement. Whether you’re looking to expand your customer base, drive conversions, or raise brand awareness, our audience creation process ensures that your advertisements resonate with the right individuals, maximizing your campaign’s effectiveness.

Worldwide reach

Global Coverage with Local Expertise

Our expertise in the MENA region and in developing markets globally gives us a distinct advantage in understanding local market dynamics and trends.

Creating audiences for such dynamic landscapes optimizes the outcome of your campaigns to yield exceptional results even in the most challenging markets. At Froyoo, we don’t just tailor audiences; we sculpt them with a global perspective, ensuring your messages resonate on a universal scale.

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