Data Management Platform

Froyoo is harnessing the power of data essential for your advertising success in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. This is why we have developed a state-of-the-art data management platform that revolutionizes how businesses navigate the MENA region and emerging markets. Our fully cloud-based processes, capable of processing billions of data signals daily in near real time, empower you with invaluable insights and eliminate any blind spots.

10 +B

Daily processed data


Comprehensive data

Processing Power

Our DMP harnesses cloud technology for seamless data handling, ensuring scalability and adaptability for your evolving needs, enabling you to unlock your data’s full potential, no matter the size or complexity.


In advertising, timeliness is crucial. Our DMP offers near real-time insights for a comprehensive view of your audience and market dynamics. Analyzing data signals as they happen allows for agile and informed decision-making, keeping your campaigns cutting-edge.

Blind Spots

Our DMP is tailored for the MENA region and emerging markets, addressing unique challenges and opportunities. We combine data from various sources, conduct advanced analytics, and uncover hidden patterns, replacing guesswork with data-driven strategies.

Tailored Solutions
for Success

We provide flexible, customizable solutions to meet your specific needs, allowing precise audience segmentation and campaign optimization, enhancing personalization and engagement.

Compliance, and Privacy

Data security and privacy are paramount. Our DMP adheres to industry standards, regulations, and best practices, ensuring your data’s security and confidentiality.

Partner with
Froyoo’s DMP

Join leading businesses in MENA and emerging markets who trust Froyoo’s data-driven approach to advertising success. Contact us to see how our DMP can transform your advertising strategies and deliver remarkable results.

Stage 1

Data Collection and Analysis

Froyoo initiates the process by collecting multiple types of anonymized data, including demographic and behavioral information, to understand the target audience better. This foundational step provides a comprehensive overview of customer preferences and behaviors.

Stage 2

Creating Data-Driven Customer Personas

Using core demographics like age, location, language, or interests, Froyoo builds data-driven customer personas. These personas serve as the foundation for understanding client’s customers and their unique preferences, interests, and affinities.

Stage 3

Advanced Customer Journey Mapping

Froyoo goes beyond historical data, mapping out detailed customer journeys across various channels and platforms. This step allows for a deeper understanding of how to effectively deliver messages for higher impact and engagement.

Stage 4

Channel Diversification

Recognizing the value of exploring different advertising channels, Froyoo ensures its clients reach diverse audiences across various platforms. Building a strong presence and providing value on different channels is crucial for maximizing audience engagement.

Stage 5

A/B Testing for Optimization

To fine-tune segmentation strategies, Froyoo conducts A/B testing together with its partners, continuously measuring and analyzing data to refine audience targeting. This iterative approach ensures that the most effective strategies are employed for clients’ campaigns.

Stage 6

Striking the Right Balance

Froyoo emphasizes the importance of maintaining a balance in audience segmentation. Avoiding overly vague or overly narrow audience groups, the focus is on providing each member with personalized and exciting content as a supportive tool for achieving clients’ advertising goals.

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