Digital Out of Home Advertising

Froyoo’s DOOH advertising solutions empower advertisers to make a lasting impact in the MENA region and emerging markets. With our extensive coverage and deep understanding of local dynamics, you can precisely tailor your advertisements to specific locations, time of day, and even events in the area. 

1000 +


47 %

Reduced ad spend

2 X

Ad campaigns ROI

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ETL / Unification,
Traffic Verification

Building Blocks

Clustering, ML



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Dynamic Approach for Higher Conversions

In a cutting-edge approach that sets Froyoo apart, we expertly merge a complex tapestry of data layers to redefine the effectiveness of DOOH and OOH advertising. By overlapping data streams related to geographical behavior, real-time events, demographics, and linguistic preferences, we create a dynamic framework that keeps your advertisements not just up to date, but deeply attuned to the interests of those who pass by. This synergy of data and precise engineering leads to significantly higher conversion rates compared to conventional OOH solutions.

Dynamic content

Stand Out from
the Crowd

Whether it’s billboards, digital displays, or other out-of-home formats, our platform ensures that your messages resonate with your target audience, enhancing engagement and driving results. Stand out from the crowd and captivate audiences with highly relevant and contextualized OOH campaigns.

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