First Party Data

Experience unparalleled data-driven marketing with Froyoo’s revolutionary first-party data pipeline. Our custom SDK and pixel pass real-time, accurate insights while boosting confidence, precision, and conversions with all our first-party data partners. Simultaneously, end-users enjoy elevated engagement and tailored experiences, all while their privacy remains maintained.

< 1 %

Froyoo’s lightweight SDK takes up less than 1% of app size


For Advertisers:

Experience precision, build confidence, and drive results. Advance your advertising strategy with direct integration and real-time insights — transforming the way you play the advertising game. Accomplish the mission and attain exceptional success in the competitive landscape with the right co-players.

Confidence and Precision

Our direct integration ensures accurate, reliable data, empowering advertisers to optimize strategies with precision and make confident decisions.

Conversion Optimization

Real-time insights from the Froyoo SDK and pixel facilitate quick adjustments for improved conversion rates and better campaign outcomes.


For Users:

Step into a world of personalized engagement, hyper-relevant experiences, and privacy-respected interactions. Tailored to your preferences and crafted with the utmost regard for your privacy, the customized experience ceases being only a feature but becomes a commitment to delivering you precisely what you need.

Personalized Engagement

Integrated experiences create personal connections, enhancing user satisfaction and loyalty.

Hyper-Relevant Experiences

Real-time data insights enable brands to craft content that resonates, driving higher engagement and responsiveness from users.


Froyoo’s approach prioritizes user privacy, collecting data transparently and ethically to build trust.

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