Point of Interest Advertising

Unveil the transformative potential of location-based advertising through Froyoo’s innovative point of interest solution. Powered by our advanced geo-behavioral data analytics, you are equipped with an intricate understanding of your audience’s preferences, movements, and behaviors.


POI advertisement across all IAB categories

100 M+

Reach monthly active users across MENA

34 %

Increase in conversion rates

Data Input

ETL / Unification,
Traffic Verification

Building Blocks

Clustering, ML



Client Export

Smart Advertising

Precision Targeted Approach

Insight into points of interest, ranging from busy retail outlets to cozy cafes, ensures that your advertisements reach users who are physically close to the vibrant hubs of your choosing. This precision-targeted approach reveals exceptional opportunities for enhancing your advertisement return on investment, resulting in noticeable store conversions and increased foot traffic.


Right Place,
Right Time

Imagine a scenario where your ad for the latest fashion collection appears just as potential customers are strolling near your retail store, or your enticing restaurant offer pops up as hungry diners are exploring nearby eateries. Froyoo’s POI solution grants you the power to deliver messages at the exact moment and place where they hold the most sway.

Brand Connection

Receptive Engagement

Engage customers precisely when they are most receptive, making your brand an integral part of their real-world experiences. This dynamic strategy not only optimizes your marketing spend but also cultivates a deeper brand-customer connection by delivering value at the right place and time. Welcome to a new era of advertising efficacy, where Froyoo’s POI solution redefines engagement and fuels tangible business growth.

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