Cross Device
Advertising Graph

Cross-device advertising graph minimizes lost advertising and helps deliver highly relevant content, creating opportunities to connect directly with consumers across all their media channels and devices. Froyoo’s advanced householding graph technology drives successful advertisement campaigns, resulting in a significant boost in conversion rates.


Average devices
per household

34 +

Cross device advertising
graph available

40 %

Increase in
conversion rates

Data Input

ETL / Unification,
Traffic Verification

Building Blocks

Clustering, ML



Client Export


Omnichannel Approach

Expand your advertising scope and optimize returns through Froyoo’s innovative cross-device advertising and cross-device graph solutions. Integrate these solutions into your campaigns to effortlessly target diverse audiences across an array of devices, spanning mobiles, desktops, tablets, and connected TVs.

privacy & ethics

Precision and Privacy Aligned

At the core of our advancements lies a robust commitment to safeguarding user privacy. Our approach revolves around the strategic clustering of data signals, executed with the precision of advanced machine learning algorithms. This methodology ensures the preservation of user privacy while achieving the fine-tuned campaign reach required for effective audience segmentation. Consequently, your ads reach the right recipients at the right moments, irrespective of their chosen device.

Connect User Devices

Advertising Impact Across Devices

The power of cross-device targeting underpins this strategy, amplifying the impact of your advertising efforts. The result? Elevated brand exposure, heightened turnover, and an impactful user experience – all harmoniously interwoven across the user’s devices.

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